The best of 2017?

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018

Becoming an annual reflection I think, but what was the very best ride of 2017?

Some years, like 2016, there is a sure-fire stand-out. Fresh single-rack, the best of friends or the wildest moments? Some years maybe it’s no so clear-cut? Maybe it’s that all the rides were mediocre or the inverse, maybe every time those tyres touched dirt it was sensational wild times.

Reflection is what makes this sort of otherwise useless blog post important (to me at least)! The lens we see the past through is constructed from those very experiences we are reflecting on….but that lens , I suppose, is easily changed in tint, hue or shape by the outcomes of those very reflections!?

Curbing all that philosophical yip-yapping, 2017 had bike shredding in every month! From January to December, maybe the first time for me in years, but what it also had as mind-bending savagely good trails, people and times in each of those months. So a very “best ride of 2017″ is just not possible to nail down. Via the scary power of social media though below is a collection of some of the highlight moments. From shredding with Point1 athletes on endless alpine gems or wild berms to getting barreled in the berms of Champéry’s “coupe du Monde” track. 2017 delivered. Some of the most enjoyable rides were probably the solo, 6 a.m. missions to the top of whatever hill or mountain was above the World Cup h venues, praying to find a trail that was not only good but would bring me back to the apartment in time to whip up a decent breakfast at 6:45 a.m. for FMD-Racing!

Anyways, all going to “plan” 2018 will dish up a double portion of the same……cheers bikes, you’re class.

Makes dreams but destroys tyres! 😂 Champéry is RAD. Sickest turns in the alps! #dreamy stuff. World Cup Track is running all-time good. Merci @bikeparkchamperymorgins @nukeproofbikes @foxheadeurope @high5sportsnutrition @wildernesstrailbikes @hotlineseurope #high5fuelled #nukeproof #mtb #dh #champery #foxmtb #foxheadeurope #slappinbass #jïzz

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As @greg_callaghan would rightly say…Bikes are class! Feeding the fire! #Champéry is savage good! Merci @bikeparkchamperymorgins @nukeproofbikes @foxracingeurope @high5sportsnutrition @hotlineseurope #dh

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1300m straight up meant endless awesome trail the whole way back down! @kelangrant was a happy man transplanted from the germ bird to the Alps! One of the finest Alpine rides ever! @nukeproofbikes @foxheadeurope @high5sportsnutrition @hotlineseurope @wildernesstrailbikes #mtb #morzine #ews #training #nukeproof

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Ahh lads. End stage rehab on the broken arm with @frasermcglone. Every turn between Morzine & Champéry and back was shredded and not one backpack or knee guard was used! 😂 Sensational morning out! @nukeproofbikes @foxheadeurope @high5sportsnutrition @wildernesstrailbikes @hotlineseurope

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Some all time serious craic was had today. Laps, lapzzz and more lapzzz and some intervals. Everyone loves Pléney! @killiancallaghan and @greg_callaghan nailing ruts and dripping with watts!

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Classic laps with @tahneeseagrave and a good crew today! Le Pléney & Mont Chéry on fire! Miss Seagrave rediscovering the hidden gems of "home"! #mtb #mtbtraining #gainzzz #coaching #foxheadeurope #high5fuelled #nukeproof #dh

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