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Quick Fire 5 – Greg Callaghan

He’s back! After the whirlwind start to 2015 – EWS win at home, EWS Podium; sitting 2nd in the world overall rankings and a season’s start gone 100% to plan after a winter’s work it all came crashing to an abrupt stop, literally and figuratively, in lovely Leogang, Austria. Bikepark’s beware – Greg Callaghan is back on the his Cube and ready to wind things up again.

So it’s a perfect time to learn a bit more about Ireland’s finest Pro Mountain Biker! Garlic Bread aside this man loves bikes, loves Barry’s Gold Blend and absolutely loves training hard and smart in equal measures. A coach’s dream to work with, read on!


1) Favourite meal after a tough day of training gainzzz
a good Chile full of heaps of goodness with rice, bit of a fan of some garlic bread on the side too.

2) The training sessions you are most and least happy to see on the weekly plan?
My favourite would have to be the Tactical repeats which involves doing laps of a track with a big sprint before dropping in. Riding a track flat out while absolutely knackered is an awesome feeling when you get it right!
I enjoy pretty much all my sessions so can’t say there is a least favourite… If I had to pick one it would probably be the long road spins.

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3) Favourite race track/s? 
Its hard to pick just one but Stage 3 in the TweedLove EWS this year was pretty magical

4) Number 1 interest away from the world of bike riding and racing?
Eating… so that I can rode my bike more faster!

5) Happiest when…….?
Having one of “those” runs/spins where you seem to hit everything perfectly and feel invincible on the bike. best. feeling. ever.

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