Technique – “On-Edge” Cornering

Even though there is more than one way to corner a push-bikes, when we talk “cornering” it’s frequently the classic outside foot down image that hits peoples mind…and rightly so!

The “classic” application of foot down technique requires the ability to move the hips laterally, drive the inside bar down, eyes forward and pelvis and shoulders square! And it’s this technique that many lesser riders struggle with regardless of terrain, bike and tyre choices.

This “hips out – bike over” technique allows you to get the bikes tyres “on-edge” which is real important when we are hitting longer turns with a mixed or not so grippy surface, when we want to carry big speeds or if the turn is beyond 80 degrees or so!

Point1 Athletic Development trained Neil Stewart does a mighty job of demonstrating here!

You’ll see that inside shoulder (head of the humerus), outside knee and ankle almost always line up in any rider with good technique!

How you arrive at a point to be able to apply this technique usual needs a multi-faceted approach and may very well form a indepth blog post in the future!


NS cornering

Photo: Laurence Crossman-Emms – Dirt Magazine –

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