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3 Mobility Moves for the Desk Bound Mountain Biker

Stuck in a chair all day? Behind the wheel or spend alot of time on the road bike? Well all of those things can cause a loss of range of motion in the hips, spine and shoulders that can lead to low back pain, shoulder aches and all around poor “movement mechanics” for mountain bikers (of any discipline).

As mountain bikers we need great thoracic spine mobility, strong but free moving hips and mobile but stable shoulders to apply strength, create speed and absorb terrain! So by adding in the following stretches/mobility moves to your daily routine, whether it’s at home in the evenings with a cup of tea, in the cubicle at work or when your out walking the dog (imagine the looks you’d get) you can start creating the movement quality needed to maximise the fun you have on your bike!

1. Crucifix Stretch

How: Stand tall, neutral spine and neck, chest high, feet shoulder width apart. Body relaxed, not tense. Hold your arms straight out at your sides, palms down thumbs forward. As you breath out external rotate the shoulders so your palms face upwards and your thumbs backwards. You should feel that “sticking point” in your deltoid muscles (upper arm), hold it here for 3 secs, repeat the process 10-20 times.

crucifix stretch start
Start Position
crucifix stretch end
End position

2. Russian Baby Maker

Sadly this one doesn’t involve a partner as the name might suggest! It’s a difficult move for some to execute as it requires a certain amount of “glute control” and hip mobility to start with but it’s a good challenge and very effective stretch, almost creating a feeling of euphoria in the auld hips after a few reps!

How: Bend at the hips by shifting them back slightly, grasp the instep of each foot and hunker down into a half squat position (thigh just parallel to floor). From there drive the knees out by progressively sliding the elbows in towards your hips. Hold the position with a flat back, for 5-12 seconds, re-set and repeat for 5-8 reps. Start with what you can. Even holding the pose for 6 secs once in the beginning is enough for some to see some benefit.

Russian Baby Maker Front
Russian Baby Maker Side

3. Thoracic Spine Overhead ReachOne of my favourite moves to help with riders cornering and general posture in the “attack position” on the bike, this move is real simple and really very effective because of it’s simplicity!

How: Once again get yourself into a deep squat position (you may need to just practice this on it’s own before progressing on). From here plant one hand firmly on the floor, elbow extended (locked out). Rotate smoothly so the other hand points skyward, all the time following the skyward hand with your eyes. The left and right side pictures should explain it all!

Overhead thoracic reach right-side
Overhead thoracic reach right-side
Overhead thoracic reach left-side
Overhead thoracic reach left-side


2014 is here and with it comes the new Point1 website, all going to plan, we’ll be updating this page with regular news, training ideas, advice and updates from Point1 athletes and their racing exploits from around the world. Check back here regullary for all the latest or keep in touch with us via Twitter or Facebook.

Here’s to a healthy and fast 2014!


Morning push-cyclists!

Please feel free to fill out this quick survey on Enduro racing if you competed in any Enduro events this year. It’s only 10 questions long so will only take 2 minutes.

Seen as Enduro and the Enduro World Series is growing so fast but there is not on race format like Downhill, a quick needs analysis like this from a wide range of riders would a be great to understand the demands of the sport a bit better.

Share with anyone you know who races enduro.

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Nukeproof Mega TR Review

Review of maybe my favourite bike ever up over on Pinkbike. I’ve used my Nukeproof Mega TR all season long, for training rides with athletes, videoing, biek-park skids for pure fun or on huge Alpine adventures! The wee TR has taken it all and comes back for more with zero issues.

As a stock bike it is versatile and solid but you can change up parts as you wish to bring the bike in a more “enduro” direction or ligthen it up for more trail bike or even near XC type antics!

Can’t wait to get a leg over a 27.5 version to see how she shreds and rolls! Cheers to the boys and girls at Nukeproof and Hotlines for the support! review


Common Sense Nutrition

Nutrition and diet should not be religious! Following a nutritional doctrine can frequently lead to disordered eating and deficiencies.

So just be logical and common-sense in your approach and follow a few key principles. Health and performance will never come from being bound to strict rules 24/7!

Good article over on Precision Nutrition, covering much of what I mean.

Precision Nutrition Site