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Recovery Ice-Cream – High5 Special

Sounds to good to be true I suppose – Ice-Cream that helps you recover from hard training and racing?

Well fear not sometimes in life the “to good” stuff comes true! This is about the simplest Point1 recipe yet and kicks off a series of blogs I’ll be doing using the awesome products from the folks at High 5.



So here it goes


1 Sachet of High 5 Banana Vanilla Flavour Protein Recovery Powder

2-3 Medium, ripe, Bananas

1 pot of Natural Yogurt – (I used a full fat one, makes nutritional “density” sense!)

1 tsp of Vanilla Essence

Small pinch of sea-salt

How To

Place all ingredients in a bowl – I used a Tupperware with lid so I could transfer direct to freezer, no waste, no messing!


Mix with a blender until smooth

Freeze for a few hours – DONE!

Oh and make sure to enjoy it with some dark chocolate shavings, dried coconut flakes or just on it’s own! I’ll update this post ASAP with the full nutritional breakdown from once they add the High5 Protein Recovery Powder to their database.

Like always this recipe can be modified as needed and to be honest using the Chocolate flavour powder with raspberries tastes even better!