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Quick Fire 5 – Tahnée Seagrave

No introduction needed you could say. Storming off the back of double second place finishes at the two most recent UCI DH World Cups. Miss Tahnée Seagrave is set to climb the final spot sooner rather than later!

Charity Awesome
Charity Awesome

Working with Point1 since 2013 her growth and maturation as an all round athlete, ambassador and DH weapon is coming to fruition as I type!

She loves Jo’s cooking (her mother, we all love her cooking) and is a girly girl at heart! Exactly what the DH World Cup scene needs!

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Here’s her Quick Fire 5

1) Favourite meal after a tough day of training gainzzz

Mum’s chicken and rice mmmmmh

2) The training sessions you are most and least happy to see on the weekly plan?
Happy DH and pump track, least happy… Intervals….
3) Favourite race track/s?

hmmmmm Champery! Bring it back!


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4) Number 1 interest away from the world of bike riding and racing?
5) Happiest when…….?
I eat carrot cake and that the moisture is just perfect.