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Best days of 2015?

What were you “best days” of 2015? Shredding push bikes usual creates so many rad memories that it’s hard to pinpoint the best. But personally the days with big skids and big variety are the most memorable for me! The two rides below happened on the Monday morning after this year’s World champs in Andorra! After a solid bit of partying the night before it was up early to continue the prep for the final World Enduro races.

A few coffee’s surrounded by sunny Andorran crispy cleanliness followed by hammering out some big climbs and wild descents on the road bike; just missing out on some KOM’s held by the local Pro roadies really put a smile on my face; but again Strava is about as accurate as eating jelly from a sock!

A quick and tasty lunch with some friends and it was time to change bikes and grab the Mega AM and hit the bike-park and World’s track! About 10 laps later with new and old friends and some wild times on the “hidden” tracks and it was time to call it a day!

Straight into the van for 9hrs driving to home! Training hard and smart is about enjoyment for me; enjoying all sorts of bikes, back to back without feeling like you danced about the local bus yard the next day!

There are many other days that stand out from 2015; coaching riders and racers at camps in Portugal and Spain, races like Lourdes DH WC; training with #point1 weapons in Morzine gave so many rad memories, watching Callaghan win the Emerald Enduro, practicing at EWS Finale Ligure and Ireland with the amazing riders I’m lucky to coach or riding ridge-lines for hours with friends in Meribel but for some reason that Andorran day still pops up in my head; probably because it was nothing but massive skids all day long after a great event and season full of learning! No boxing yourself into compartments with reductionist mindsets, just bikes; road, MTB, DH, Enduro, #GXC, trail, whatever!

What was your best of 2015?



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