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Quick Fire Five – Joe Smith

 More talent and versatility than needed; ChainReactionCycles/PayPal rider Joe Smith has been on the Point1 Program for over 2 years now. In that time Joe has won British Nationals, had World Cup DH top 10’s, given ‘er full pipe at events like the RedBull Hardline, pulled top 20’s at his one and only EWS (enduro) event and in general stomped his way to being respected as a World Class weapon!
An absolute pleasure to work with, Joe’s bike skills blow minds in seconds and his latest British national DH win at Bala (Rhyd e Felin) and top 20 WC performances have him set for the second half of a wild season so far!
Get to know Joe a little better below!
1) Favourite meal after a tough day of training gainzzz
At the moment it would be chicken wrapped in Parma ham and stuffed with pesto, potatoes and loads of veg.
2) The training sessions you are most and least happy to see on the weekly plan?
Any training which involves riding a bike im happy to see, i’m not the biggest gym fan really
3) Favourite race track/s? 
Schladming all the way, that place is unbeatable
Photo: Duncan Philpott
Photo: Duncan Philpott
4) Number 1 interest away from the world of bike riding and racing?
Most of what I do is on two wheels of some kind but I like 4 wheels too, Offroading, Rally etc.
5) Happiest when…….?
Riding a really fun flowy track with jumps and drifty corners.
Check out Joe giving her full wavin below, followed by friend and rival Matt Simmonds!

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